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about us

Caro Campus – A green oasis in the middle of the city

about caro campus

The architectural style dates from the interbellum period, with the façade being the original one, built in 1930. During the Communist era, the buildings of the complex were transformed in an alcohol factory which used glucose in the distillation process – an industrial touch that the owners chose to preserve in the design.

It is a legacy that we want to carry on in the future.

WHY CHOOSing our campus?

The alcohol factory is now an urban memory. Enjoy the green scenery of five hectares of carefully groomed landscape, a fresh air generator, with a host of various activities.

Take a stroll on the Caro domain and feel the energetic vibes. Start with the cocktail terrace and enjoy the light breeze, then relax in one of our pavilions, with their cast iron lacing. The lake will lure you away for selfies, then move on to the Magic Grove. Recharge your creative batteries and enjoy some amazing birdwatching!